Kent, Furniture researcher and design Director at Pure Faith Industrial Mechanical Furniture Components

“We are constantly testing, researching and developing future products in the furniture components market”.

Mr. Kent



Over the years of our existence we have been planning with our partners, some of the best solutions for each request. We ensured a total transparency during the full manufacturing processes, guaranteeing high quality and customers satisfaction. The details of features and customisation, on the new product creation, mark the dynamics of each market, in each country.

This has allowed us to raise our demands, guarantee satisfaction and obtain the highest certifications in the furniture industry.

Services We Offer

Reasons To Choose PURE FAITH

We don’t assign a sales manager to solve your orders or requests.
Instead, PURE FAITH provides you a complete in-house service. Our team will work side by side with your staff, to deal with all issues and resolve problems as they may occur. This approach comes with the following four distinct benefits, which set us apart from the competitors:

100% Compatibility

We understand the demands on production and responding to markets in the furniture manufacturing industry. To help you meet these demands, we specialize in helping furniture companies find the right products at the right time. Our innovative OEM and ODM solutions allow us to respond to different product application requirements in terms of values, technical characteristics, dimensions, certification compatibility in the market.

Quality on Details

Many competing companies do not care about details.They focus only on selling and miss the chance to improve and go to the next level.

Pure Faith builds product components with finesse, inspecting and improving each component, each new generation, with our partner customers.
The metal profile should not rust, should not scratch, to be smooth and soft, with a clear, full and balanced line. All components must be clean, and surfaces must be shiny.
Over the years we built the image and reputation of Pure Faith, so we understand well your needs to have premium quality products.

Customized Solutions

We’ve been in business long enough to know that no two companies are alike, which is why all of our office furniture component design and developing optimised solutions that can be fully customised.

From the start, our team will take the time to fully understand your requests – its processes, goals, objectives, product innovation challenges and much more.

Cost Reduction and Continuous Improvement

Our number one priority is to help your company save time and money by implementing cost-saving strategies and more efficient processes.

To ensure this, your team will be supported by several experts from Pure Faith who can track and analyze your component creation processes – and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. From there, we’ll create a detailed strategy and tailor it to meet your unique so your product can even evolve in the future for a new version.


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