Agnes. A Woman with a decade of hard work and passion for the service!

Agnes celebrated 10 working years with Pure Faith Technology armrest manufacturer, so we prepared a big party for her.

We would like to start by expressing our gratitude and recognising to the Sales WOMAN and business promoter Agnes, who has spent a wonderful 10 years working for our company.

She promotes loyalty and dedication to this company, with a constant passion for seeking to do more, learn and improve every day, satisfying the customers on our behalf.

So we, at Pure Faith, prepared a party in a special place, with natural surroundings and various activities.

We also joined the rest of our business development and marketing comrades in activities to recognise and celebrate this special moment all together.

Once again, Congratulations for this 10 years at Pure Faith Technology Co. Ltd, Agnes! Welcome to the team of 10 or more years working for Pure Faith, as we want more company members join this special 10+ team.

May you always be happy with that smile that follows you around and let’s hope you continue for many more years.

For any contact with Agnes, please visit our contact section.

Kind regards!