1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D Armrest Options for Enhanced Comfort and Functionality

In the last decades there has been a major change in the type of human activity, with each country having its own speed in this process of social transformation. The normal way is the labor shift from the primary (agriculture) and secondary (industry) sectors, to an exponential increase in the tertiary sector, linked to commerce and services.

This situation has also been accompanied by the technological and digital revolution, which has contributed to people having a different lifestyle, but also a more stressed and sedentary one.

In the realm of the office and gaming chairs, the search for comfort and functionality has led to the development of strategies for creating armrests that are adjustable and meet the various needs of users.

To respond to all this increase in anomalous situations in workers’ health, studies into human anatomy, health at work and the adoption of measures to implement and regulate ergonomics in different objects and work equipment have multiplied.

So the design and engineering of armrests has also evolved, along with other areas and components of chairs and furniture, to provide the desired ergonomics, beyond the simple fixed option, with advances such as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and even 6D armrests.

Initially, the armrests were not at all functional, following an almost purely aesthetic application, without allowing them to adapt to a majority of users due to their adjustment in different directions and dimensions.

In this guide we will demystify these armrest classifications and help you make an informed decision about which armrest design suits you for your chair project.

Understanding the Dimensions

The So-Called “D” some companies classify as “Direction” but in fact can be the number of “Dimensions” that stands for the “Functions” in which the armrest can be adjusted.

Sometimes the same direction can be located in a completely different dimension, this will represent one more Function to the user. These adjustments nowadays almost try to go to 360º, that allow the chair user to tailor the armrest to his specific needs, enhancing the comfort and support.

Important note:
Before we start calling out 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D, it’s important to say that dimension adjustments are functions and this information can be changed between different manufacturers or product models.
There is no standard definition for saying that the height adjustment means 1D. Why? Sometimes the height adjustment may not exist in a product, but the product may have horizontal adjustment, swivel and also moving the pad forwards and backwards. It all depends on each product and each dimension should always be associated with the function and not with a position rule.

Different ArmrestS FUNCTIONS

Fixed (Non-Adjustable) Armrests:

Fixed armrests are for a basic need, or just for design. They offer a stable surface with a solid base, but they lack of adjustability and only will adjust to your body if your anatomy sizes allow. People can have different sizes and many times people won’t feet with this type of product. These armrests are typically found in an entry-level products, where aesthetics often take precedence over technical characteristics.

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Height Adjustment

Armrests usually can be adjusted vertically, allowing users to set the height according to the desk or their personal preferences. This feature accommodates users of varying heights. It refers to the adjustment in the up and down direction, commonly referred to as its lifting function.

This adjustment is essential to match the armrests with your desk height, ensuring proper support during work or play.

1 dimension chair armrest function

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Horizontal Armrest Base Adjustment

This type of armrests can be adjustable in the horizontal movement (left and right) at their base. You can slide the lateral armrest position, catering to different arm widths. This is particularly helpful during activities like writing or typing, where proper arm support reduces strain on wrists and forearms.

2 dimensions chair armrest functions

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Forward and Backward Pad Adjustment

Building upon the features for the arm pad area provide additional flexibility by enabling forward and backward movement, as well as horizontal adjustment. This versatility enhances your ability to find a comfortable arm position, adapting to your posture and movements.

forward and back dimension adjustable armrest

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Pad Rotation Axis Adjustment

Introducing the ability to rotate the pad armrest along his axis. This rotation feature allows for greater customization to your natural arm angle. Especially beneficial for individuals with larger body sizes, these armrests provide optimal positioning and support.

swivel rotation adjustment armrest

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5D and Beyond Adjustments

As you delve into the realm of 5D armrests, terminology becomes less standardized. Generally, these armrests incorporate all the adjustments of their predecessors while potentially adding more nuanced elements, like finer rotation or additional degrees in different locations of freedom for movement. The armrests might offer height, horizontal, vertical, pivot, and paddle front, back, left and right, swivel adjustments, contributing to a comprehensive ergonomic experience.

axis dimension adjustable armrest

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Choosing the Right Armrests

The choice of armrests for your project depends on the specific needs and preferences for your brand and market. Factors such as working habits, body proportions and any existing discomfort are more crucial between the users.

There are many points to consider when we do an evaluation, some customers even comment their preference to sit with one or two legs crossed and sometimes they can’t adjust their position on the seat properly with some fixed armrest options.

But if your customers spend many hours working in an office environment, even indoors, you should give priority to have an armrests offer that can be adjusted to support their arms with a natural body position. People with different body sizes can benefit from 3D to 5D armrests that allow those customised adjustments.

Our business development team will be happy to assist you with the right options.

six dimensions armrest

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Armrests play a pivotal role in ensuring comfort and well-being during long hours of use. From fixed armrests to the ultra advanced adjustability of 6D armrests, the choice is wide-ranging.

Some of our clients ask us to design and create different types of ergonomic products to adapt to their projects and provide well-positioned offers to end consumers. Does your brand have any products in your portfolio that suit the current needs of those who regularly use a smartphone?
The latest global statistics on the number of hours a smartphone is used also indicate that the usual horizontal position of the arm has changed to a V-shaped angle. Have you noticed?

six D armrest

By understanding this differences between each type of function and considering your unique needs, your company can contact PURE FAITH to propose an offer that best complements your seated experience and contributes to a healthier, more productive workspace with your brand.

We can also assist your company making intelligent armrests if you want to obtain these parts for your intelligent chair project.